Hung Liu: "The Catchers"  (For local pick up only)

Hung Liu: "The Catchers" (For local pick up only)

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"The Catchers," 2019
Archival pigment print
22 3/4 × 24 in
57.8 × 61 cm
Editions 16-21, 24-37, 39-49 of 50

The recipient of 2018's inaugural SJMA artist award, Hung Liu has received international recognition for her sensitive look at Chinese history. Her luscious paintings, based on historical photographs and newspaper imagery, portray such subjects as laborers, refugees, soldiers, and prisoners. Liu has long paid witness to the tribulations of everyday people, past and present, and their hidden stories of social injustice. She grapples with issues of self, society, and politics—as well as the challenge of reconciling disparate cultures. "The Catchers" is part of a series of the same name based on Dorothea Lange’s photographs of children during the Dust Bowl. Named after J.D. Salinger’s novel The "Catcher in the Rye", the series depicts children trying to hold on to their joy and innocence in the face of hardship.

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