Claudia Pearson San Francisco Victorian Home Cotton Tea Towel

Claudia Pearson San Francisco Victorian Home Cotton Tea Towel

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London Born and Brooklyn based CLAUDIA PEARSON has 20 years of illustrating a range of delightful products for the home.   She is inspired by her love of food and travel and has designed a collection of prints to reflect her great passion.  Her designs are whimsical, and thoughtfully hand drawn.  

This tea towel has a beautiful illustration of San Francisco's popular motifs of is famous architecture; the Victorian Home. This is a flour sack towel, a fabric which has been used for generations because it's light 100% cotton dries rather quickly.  Due to the organic cotton, the nature of the fabric is not always straight down the edge, which give its it's unique characteristics.  

Fun Facts of a San Francisco Victorian

The Victorian style of architecture first originated in England when Queen Victoria reigned.

  • Large homes that are two or even three stories high
  • One-story porches that often wrap around the entire home
  • An asymmetrical shape that sets one Victorian home apart from the next
  • Very steep roofs
  • Covered in decorative trim and painted bright colors (more on that later)

San Francisco was one of the first U.S. cities to take Victorian architecture and run with it. Developers created Victorian homes in the South Park section of the city back in the 1850s. They designed them to look like row homes in London.

After that, it wasn’t long before other parts of the city started to adopt Victorian architecture, too. From 1850 through 1915, developers built almost 50,000 San Francisco Victorian houses.


  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • 19"x 33"
  • Woman Owned 
  • Made in the USA


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